Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Review and a Brook McGlothlin GIVEAWAY!

One thing I've learned in my life is that life rarely goes as planned!  When I was a kid, my career plans and goals changed as often as my hairstyles, but one dream never changed - I dreamed of being a writer. Not just any writer, but a bestselling mystery author who lived on a huge farm with her husband, her five kids, and her many pets.  I would write, always full of fresh and new ideas, and I would enjoy life on my farm all day long.

Fast forward twenty-some-odd years, and you'll find me - a working mom of two, pastor's wife, and college student with a blog, living in a small town and nowhere near a farm...the closest thing we have to a farm animal is our teacup Yorkie.  Let's just say that childhood dream didn't pan out quite the way I expected.  I love my life, and I wouldn't trade this reality for any childhood dream.  But the dream of being a writer is still's just grown and changed with me over the years.

I was so excited to get a copy of Notes to Aspiring Writers to review!  Brooke's new books isn't a "theory" book or a "technical" book - it's a heart book.  It digs deeper than the writing itself, and goes to the heart of writing.  It's about letting go of our dreams and embracing God's dreams for our lives.  It's about learning to accept our circumstances when God says "no."  It's about following God's leading to your real life's mission.  With study questions and a resource list included, you can go even deeper into your reasons for writing and find great ways to sharpen your skills.  This book was so inspiring and challenging to me!

Now for the best part...the giveaway!  I'm very excited to offer a FREE copy of Notes to Aspiring Writers to one lucky winner!  Here are the rules:

1. MANDATORY ENTRY:  Like Notes to Aspiring on Facebook (here) and leave a comment letting me know you did.

* Share this giveaway by Twitter, Facebook, or your blog - leave a comment for each method you use to share the giveaway.

Entries will be open until Saturday, August 27th at midnight and the winner will be announced on Sunday, August 28th.  Thanks for entering, and good luck!


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