Monday, June 27, 2011

Where Do You Find Support?

It's tough to find support as a Christian working mom.  Have you ever Googled "Christian working mom"?  I have, and it doesn't get you far.  You'll find a really good website listed first and second, and third you'll find an article saying that a woman's only roles in life should be to get married, have babies, stay home, and "live perfectly."  Even on Christian book websites, shortly down the list of working mom books, you'll find books telling you that it's impossible to be a good mother when you work outside the home.

One of the reasons I wanted to start my blog feature Working with Delight is because of the lack of support for Christian working moms.  There are so many voices telling us we should stay home, but so few telling us how to manage it all when we can't stay home.  I finally decided that if I can't find that voice of support, then I'm going to become a voice, because we all need one.

One of my goals is to compile a resource page just for working moms.  I have some great stuff listed on my resource page already, but I would love to add more!  Please share your favorite websites, books, and more.  Help me compile a list of the best resources out there to support and encourage Christian moms who work outside the home!  I'm going to start with a short list of great resources that I've already found...
  1. The website I referred to above, Christian Working Mom - be sure to subscribe to the monthly e-newsletter!
  2. For the domestically challenged, like myself - 31 Days to Clean by Sarah Mae - this ebook is only $5, and so worth the money - simple, practical, and very helpful.
  3. One of my all-time favorite books, Taking Care of the Me in Mommy by Lisa Whelchel - this book is so full of practical ideas for every mom - I consider it a must have.
Please leave comments to share your favorite working mom resources, or email me at amandablogs79(at)yahoo(dot)com. 


Running@thespeedoflife said...

Thanks for this...really true...even Christian moms who work with flexible schedules need support. Up last night with my 22 mth old. He is now happy, riding his bike inside having eaten strawberry...there is still work to do and a short sale approval I am awaiting for a client. I power through in God's strength not my own.

Ellie said...

what an encouragement! I often feel that I am going back and forth with guilt for being a working mom, although I DO have a flexible schedule and this is what my husband and I feel is best for right now. I also read Christian working mom and that has been a great encouragement to me...however I would love to meet more Christian working moms on the blogs/ through websites etc.

Anonymous said...

I am working on a series of posts right now about being able to work from home (or wherever it is convenient) as well as working when you also have the demands of a family life. Usually I post them on Wednesdays but this month has been time skewed, so today's post was just some resources I found that I enjoy and wanted to share.
The argument over where or if mothers' should work is older than dirt and will never be 100% resolved. To say follow your heart sounds trite but it rings with truth. I have always been a working mother by financial necessity but also by choice.
Honest support and encouragement by someone close to you seems to be essential.
If not found in family, find someone.

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