Monday, January 3, 2011

The Best Smartphone Apps for Busy Moms!

Ok, I'll admit, I'm a technology junkie.  I keep up with the latest gadgets, and I could spend hours drooling over iPads and surround sound home entertainment systems at Best Buy.  When the Droid X hit the market, my hubby and I were elated!  We ordered them just weeks after they were released.  I love my phone, and I'm amazed at how much it has helped me get organized and save time.  (I could also tell you about the hours I've wasted playing Angry Birds, but that's another story...)  I've found some awesome apps, all of which are free.  Here are my favorites for busy moms:

I can't say enough about this app!  I've shared a lot about it recently.  Cozi is a free online calendar system that lets you color-code and coordinate everyone's calendars, to do lists, shopping lists and more.  Plus, Cozi has now teamed up with the FlyLady, allowing you to download her lists, routines and more directly into your calendar, and to access it all from your phone.  Get this app for everyone in your family!

Astrid Tasks
This is without a doubt the best to-do list I've found!  You can set reminders and timers, prioritize tasks, and even get "pep talk" reminders from your little coach, who kind of resembles the old Pac-Man ghosts.

My Fitness Pal
Track your daily diet with a food diary that automatically calculates your fat, calories, carbs, vitamins and more.  Even if you aren't dieting, keeping a food diary makes you much more consious of what you're putting into your body and helps you make healthier choices.  You can set this to the number of calories you need to lose, maintain, or gain weight.

Get current conditions, the local forecast, radar and more at your fingertips!  WeatherBug will also send you alerts on your phone in the event of severe weather in your area.  For a girl who grew up in tornado alley, that's a great feature to have.

Color Note
Quickly and easily take notes, and color-code them by category.  (Can you tell I like to color-code?)

Shop Savvy
This has got to be one of the coolest apps I've seen.  When you use Shop Savvy, your camera become a bar code scanner.  Scan the bar code of any item to find out other places in your area and online that have it, listed lowest to highest by price.  This is a bargain hunter's dream come true!  We've used this several times while shopping, and it's amazing!

White Noise Lite
Ever need some peace and quiet when there's none to be found?  With White Noise Lite, you can listen to soothing sounds like crickets, rain, or thunder. 

I was amazed when I downloaded my first Kindle book to my phone.  The quality is great - clear and easy to read.  If you're a reader, this is a must-have app!  Plus, with a Kindle account, you can access your books no matter what device you're using - iPhone, Android phone, iPad, Kindle, PC and more.

Countdown Widget
The Countdown Widget is just fun!  I've had a Christmas countdown up for months.  Whenever the kids asked how many more days it was, one glance told me.  You can set it to countdown to any event you choose, and you can have multiple countdown widgets on your phone at any time.


Stef Robins said...

Wow I love your list! I don't have a Droid though but an iPhone so I'm not sure if I can download some of those apps. Anyway, my favorite iPhone app includes Angry Birds, Grocery IQ and Intuition ( Intuition is made to make moms' lives easier. It manages my tasks, to-dos, shopping, everything basically. Plus it's cute and totally free! :)

Amy said...

I have an Android phone and one of my favorite apps is OurGroceries. It is an app that allows you to make your own customized lists. Then you add your items to your lists. It remembers your previous items so your weekly or monthly lists are made easier. It has a website that you can use at home to add items. And best of all for me and my husband is that you can share your lists. So my husband has the app also on his phone and the lists are updated as items are added or deleted. It makes shopping so much easier!

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