Monday, January 24, 2011

Getting Organized with FlyLady

Last month I blogged about how I started using my Cozi calendar and the FlyLady system to get my home organized.  My goal is have my home running smoothly by the time I start dental hygiene school in July.  I promised an update each month as to my progress.  So here it goes...

The House Fairy didn't drop by, wave her magic wand, and clean my house for me.  (If anyone sees her, please send her my way...I'm hoping she just took a wrong turn.)  But things are definitely better.  There are still piles of laundry in our bedroom, but my kitchen is staying a lot cleaner.  The kids are helping more.  I'm beginning to see a change.  It's a gradual change, but it's change nonetheless.

One big change I'm making this week is introducing chore charts for my kids.  They already do chores, but I have to nag them to get them to do their everyday tasks, like brushing their teeth and putting their dirty clothes in the hamper.  I typed up a chore chart for each of them from Lisa Whelchel's website, and I'm going to put them in page protectors.  The boys can mark off their jobs with a dry erase marker when they're done.  I'm hoping this step will really us get the chaos reigned in.

My other goal is to start working on Mt. Laundry-Pileup every night for 10 to 15 minutes.  I know I can't get it all taken care of in one night, but within a few days, I should see a big difference.  That laundry is probably by biggest stressor right now, so tackling that will make me feel much more in control of the situation.


Jennifer said...

Laundry is one of the hardest things for me to stay caught up on also. As soon as I get one load folded and put away, there's more to's endless!

Rebekah from Simply Rebekah said...

Once you figure out how to be the perfect housekeeper please come teach me! Or better yet, come clean MY house! haha!

PS. Thanks for linking up on my blog today to help me test out my Mr. Linky! It worked. ;)

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