Monday, August 23, 2010

Manic Mommy Monday - Family Command Center

This week I'm doubling up for MMM and Works for Me Wednesday...

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It never fails to amaze me how many notes, papers, dates, times, lists, and random ideas our family of four generates.  Sometimes I feel like the CEO of a corporation trying to juggle everyone's schedules and to-do lists.  A few years ago, I decided that we needed one central location for all of our pieces of information, and our family command center was born.  It's one place to keep everything from schedules to shopping lists to instructions for dinner, and it costs next to nothing to create.

The first step in creating a family command center is finding the right location.  It needs to be in a central area where everyone has easy access.  For us, the kitchen was the obvious choice.  We do a lot of our homeschooling there, plus the kids hang out there with me a lot while I'm cooking dinner.  I chose to use the side of our refrigerator.  (It drives my poor hubby, who hates having things on the fridge, crazy, but it's the best place.)

Next, decide what you need.  For ours, I have a family calendar (I use Mom's Plan-It calendar), a combination dry erase/bulletin board, a dry erase weekly menu planner, and magnets for anything extra we need.  I found both our board and our menu planner at Target for $5.00 each.  In the past, I've also used it to post for homeschool charts and assignments.

Everyone's schedules are recorded on the calendar, so we all where we all need to be every day.  My kids have learned to check our menu when they want to know what's for dinner, plus, since it's a dry erase board, I can easily rearrange plans if I need to.  I use the marker board to leave instructions for meals or what time dinner will be done in the slow cooker, or just a note that I miss my guys.  It makes life so much easier to have one central location for all of our information!


Jennifer said...

Great idea! We have a really small kitchen so I have a couple of areas where we keep information...but everyone knows where to look!

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