Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Working Mom Wednesday

I know I have been a stranger to blogging lately...Working Mommy Wednesday is the only thing I'm keeping up with since summer school started!  Thankfully I only have a week and a half of class left, then life will start getting back to normal.

Here are today's questions, or you can blog about anything related to being a working mom...

#1. Sare your favorite recipe, organizational tip, or money saving tip!
#2. Would you rather have more money and less flexibility at your job, or less money and more flexibility?

I chose question #2, because it's one I've had to answer!

I love my job, and one of the reasons I started working at the gym is because of the flexibility of it.  My husband is a pastor, and I'm very active in our church, so I really needed something that could work with our crazy, fast-paced schedules.  Flexibility means a lot to our family lives too - I can usually get off work for major events.  The women I work with are awesome, and we fill in for each other whenever we need to.

A few months ago, though, I started thinking about the fact that if I have to work, I want to make better money, but still have a flexible schedule.  That's when I started thinking about becoming a dental hygienist, and finally decided to go back to school for it.  It's a career that combines the best of both worlds - flexibility and great pay.


Funky Mama Bird said...

Getting the best of both worlds is truly awesome! I'm striving toward that with my freelance work but the pay is just not quite there yet.

Julia said...

if you can have both, awesome. but alot of jobs don't offer both. my job is fairly flexible but the pay is, well, probably average.

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