Sunday, August 29, 2010

Could it be a hint of fall?

I decided to sit outside on our patio this

morning while I had my quiet time.  It is so nice!  After weeks of suffocating heat and humidity, this cooler, drier weather feels great.  It has me ready for fall...or as close as we get to fall here in coastal Texas.

I have to admit, that's one thing I really miss about Arkansas.  The saying here is that we have two seasons- summer and February.  That pretty much rings true.  I never put my kids summer clothes away...they've needed shorts in January before.  Most of the time, I love the warm coastal weather here.

But when September rolls around, I start missing Arkansas.  I miss those crisp fall mornings with the sun rising over the trees, whose leaves are turning spectacular shades of red and orange and gold.  I miss the days when its just cool enough for a long sleeve shirt and a light jacket.  I miss those days when my horse would prance with energy and excitement, just as ready to hit the trails as me.

Fall is my favorite time of year.  I'm looking forward to it, even if we just get a tiny taste of it here.


Jennifer said...

I love fall too. In Eastern Washington, we have a full four seasons and the crisp fall weather is such a break from scorching summer days.

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