Friday, December 31, 2010

Out with the old goals, in with the new

Last year I blogged about my goals that I had set for 2010, so before I post my goals for the new year, I thought a recap was in order.  How did I do on my goals?

1. Spend daily time with God, focusing on Bible study, prayer, Bible memory and stillness before God, focusing on and listening to Him.
RESULTS:  I did better in this area this year, but it still needs work.  I'm not spending the daily time I need.  I tend to be sporadic with it - I'll do really well for a while, then let it slide.  I need more consistency.

2. Run. Pretty simple. I am still very much a newbie, but I love running, and I want to work my way up to running 5 miles a day, 3 to 4 days a week, by the end of 2010.
RESULT:  Running went by the wayside pretty quickly with my return to college.  I have been doing really well with my workouts at the gym, though, getting in a least three a week almost every week for the past several months.  I plan to try running (again) since I have the first half of the year off from college.

3. Spend more time doing things with my family.
RESULT:  Still needs lots of improvement.  I have been spending more time with them now that school is over for a while, and I'm trying to be "all there" when I'm with them.

4. Finish 5 college classes and apply to dental hygiene school.
RESULT:  DONE!!!!  I turned in my application earlier this month, and I should know something in March.

5. Have a weekly date night with my husband.
RESULT:  Ummm, not even close!  We did go out once a month most months, starting this summer.  It's so hard to find a sitter when you're hours away from family.

6. Put more time and focus into Kids BLAST, our children's ministry, which I head up.
RESULTS:  I feel like I really did well on this one.  There are still so many things I want to change and new things I want to try, but I definitely feel like we took our children's ministry up a few notches this year.

Now, on to my 2011 goals...
1. Spend daily time with God in prayer, Bible study, memorization, and listening to God.
2. Read through the Bible, and do more in-depth Bible study, focusing on Ephesians and Psalms.
3. Using my Cozi/FlyLady organizer, get my home and family organized once and for all (before the craziness of dental hygiene school starts) setting up systems and routines to keep us organized.
4. Make family time a priority, with nightly family devotions, daily one-on-one time with my boys, and weekly family nights.
5. Continue my workouts, moving them up to five or six times a week, using a combination of strength training at the gym, running, Zumba, and PraiseMoves (a yoga-style workout).


Losing Brownies said...

Best of luck on your 2011 goals! Its always a good thing to reflect on the goals of the past year and see what can be done to improve them!

Susan DiMickele said...

Sounds like a great list! Would love to run with you and do Zumba! And I need to learn some about this worship/yoga. Send me some info!

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