Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My favorite recipes websites

I am so thankful that this semester of college is almost over!  Life has been so hectic that I've resorted to quick-fix meals almost every day.  I've really missed cooking, and I'm looking forward to experimenting in the kitchen again and testing new recipes.

My favorite recipe site, hand down, is (formerly Recipe Zaar).  There are so many amazing recipes here, and it's so easy to search for just what you're looking for.  I also love the fact that each recipe is submitted by home chefs, so they are tested and tried.  I found my Mexican egg roll recipe here.

I don't know what I would do without my slow cooker, and I'm always finding great new recipes to try at A Year of Slow Cooking.  To me, a slow cooker is a busy mom's best friend - you can put your food in and pretty much forget about it, then end your day with a hot, home-cooked meal.

A site that is new to me is Picky Palate.  I love the original takes on familar recipes, and I also love the fact that everything I've tried is easy to prepare.

I hope these sites will inspire you to get into the kitchen, try some new foods, and have fun cooking!


Losing Brownies said...

I love slow cooker meals. They are the best. I have a recipe for an indian lamb stew which is perfect on cold days!

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