Sunday, September 18, 2011

Don’t You Love It When You're on a Roll?

Friday I was totally out of motivation, but something happened overnight, because I found it yesterday.  I was on a roll!  I love days like that.

I worked until 1:00 yesterday.  It was a busy day with lots of workouts and two Zumba classes.  I was chatting with members, checking people in for classes, and selling merchandise like crazy.  We just received new breast cancer awareness t-shirts, and they are a HUGE hit! 

After work I headed home to my guys.  I had planned for us to eat leftovers, but my latest experimental slow cooker recipe didn't turn out too well, so we picked up lunch instead.  After lunch I headed to the church with Robby and boys.  While Robby worked and the boys rode bikes and watched movies, I worked on school assignments - a journal entry, a medical terminology quiz, an article we have to do a group project on, and a study guide for a big test on Tuesday.  I got so much done.

I headed home around 6:00.  I cut Robby's hair, then loaded the kids up for our weekly grocery shopping trip.  I was the master of multi-tasking, walking through the store shopping and selling Crest white strips via phone for school.  (Great deal on professional strength white strips - I can ship them, in case anyone is interested.) 

At home again, I unloaded groceries, cooked dinner, studied, make a Jello salad and started cheesy chicken in the slow cooker for today's church dinner, and finally collapsed into bed.  Whew!  What a day, but I got so much accomplished.  Today will be more relaxed.  I'm going to try to get to the gym, too - I desperately need to run off some stress!  I can't imagine why....


Meredith said...

Sounds like a very productive day!
And yes, I DO love those!

Hoping the trend continues!

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