Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Family Funnies

How do you deal with objections to your ideas? (whether work or parenting related)

Make us laugh- one of your funniest memories to date.

Okay, I can't resist sharing a really funny story about my family...there are a lot of funny stories about my family, because they're all insane, but this is one of my favorites.

The first time my family came to visit after we moved to coastal Texas, we decided to show off the area.  We planned a trip to the beach and a fabulous seafood restaurant.  So we packed up and took a day trip to Galveston.  It was great, even though it was January.  The weather was perfect.  The day was beautiful.  We saw dolphins swimming on the ferry ride over.  We had a great time shopping along The Strand.  Then we got to Willie G's...that's when things got ugly.

The eight of us (my hubby, kiddos and me, my parents, and my dad's parents) were seated at table overlooking the water as the sun set.  The lights were low, the atmosphere was perfect...then our waiter brough the wine list.  My family doesn't drink.  Did my grandma just order a Sprite?  Of course not.  She started loudly explaining to the waiter that we don't drink, none of drink, we've never been drinkers, we don't need the wine list at all.  Sigh.

She complains about the price of the food the whole time they're looking at the menu, even though we'd told them months in advance that we would all go Dutch at the restaurant, and she and my grandpa split a plate.  At this point, I wanted to crawl under the table...I mean, that fish was in the ocean this morning and on her plate that night - how much better can it get?

Then came the kicker - as she looked around at the dim lighting, she loudly complained, "As much as we're paying for food here, can't they afford to turn some lights on?"  I had to step out.  My mom and I went to the ladies room and laughed until we were hurting.  What else could you do?

Let's just say that on all visits afterward, seafood has not been on the menu...fine dining and my grandparents do not make a good combination.


Rachel M. said...

great story! I used to have family that grew up in the depression. They would tip $0.50 for the entire meal! Granted it was a little dive restaurant that catered to the elderly and I hope and pray they paid those poor waitresses more! I think my parents always slipped more money on the table when the grandparents were "paying".

Work, Wife, Mom... Life! said...

too funny!!! sounds like something my grandma would do.

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