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Journal of a Newbie Working Mom

Mama’s Losin’ It

When I wrote this journal entry, I had been working for four months after years as a stay at home mom...

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I’ve got to learn to relax. Life marches on at the same hectic pace, and lately I seem to be under a state of constant stress.

Days before I was supposed to start my new assistant manager’s job, plans changed – I was promoted to co-manager of [a location closer to my home]. I love working closer to home, and it’s still part-time, but I now have to attend twice-a-month leadership meetings, and since the club has really gone downhill the past few months, there is enormous added pressure to turn the club around. It has a lot of perks – bonuses, another raise coming up soon – but wow, how the stress levels rose!

I found awesome new curriculum from GPH for Kids BLAST. Things still need lots of work and tweaking, but its going better. It’s still a major source of stress, especially with the Easter egg hunt coming up in less than two weeks, plus I help Robby type all three of his weekly messages. I really feel like I work two jobs, because when I’m not at Curves, I’m at the church.

Bobby is nearly done with his schoolwork for the year. We’ll probably finish in late April/early May. I’m so excited about taking the summer off! We’re going to do fun stuff this summer and not start school until September.

I’m trying to streamline my schedule as much as possible, but I’m still not taking time for myself like I should. I just feel so much pressure to be perfect! I thought that ended in college…but I was wrong. I feel like Robby gets the worst end of the deal. I try so hard to be a great mom, teacher, manager, kids ministry director – and at the end of the day, I’m exhausted. I think I do good as a mom, but lousy as a wife and homemaker. I just really want to figure out how to juggle it all and still keep my sanity. I “change hats” so to speak so many times in a day it makes my head spin. How on earth do other women do it all? I do good to get in my quiet time, I rarely have time to exercise (what an example!), and time for scrapbooking is non-existent. I’ve got to figure out how to do this better! I don’t want Robby, Bobby, and Spencer to look back and remember me as a stressed out, uptight bundle of nerves.


waytenmom said...

Now I want to know the rest of the story!! What happened between 2008 and now? Did you find the magic method to juggle all those hats without completely stressing out? If so, please let us all in on the secret! Stopping by from Mama Kat's

amygrew said...

I think all moms feel that way! There are so many hats and so little time to accomplish them all successfully. I get it.

Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

Chelsea said...

What a beautiful description of such a common struggle! Being everything to everyone all the time is exhausting and stressful... hope you've managed to find some spinets of balance!

kisatrtle said...

did you figure it out? I still haven't figured it all out, but I have a method to my madness.

Amanda said...

Waytenmom, I still don't have it totally figured out, but things have gotten much better.
Kisatrtle, that's kind of how it is with us, too - it's not all together, but most days there is a method to our madness, too.

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