Saturday, April 17, 2010

Small Talk Six - Movies That Make Me Cry

Small Talk 6 - Movies That Make You Cry

This one was tricky for me, because I don't cry during many movies - it's a rare thing.  I'm much more likely to cry over a book than a movie, but there are a few that get me every time...

1. The Notebook
I didn't just cry...I sobbed through the entire last half hour of the movie.

2. Million Dollar Baby
I watched it once...I'm glad I watched it...I'll never watch it again.  When Clint Eastwood told Hillary Swank what the phrase on her robe meant, I lost it.

3. Titanic
I was in high school when it came out, and Leonardo DiCaprio died...of course I cried...hysterically.

4. Up
Yes, the Disney/Pixar cartoon.  I had to leave the room so my husband and kids wouldn't see me crying!

5. Armageddon
I kept saying, "He's Bruce Willis...he won't die."  I watched it with 5 other women - we all sobbed.

6. My Girl
I haven't seen it in years, but I'm sure I would cry just as much now as I did then!


bubbleboo said...

I was in High School when I watched (and sobbed through) Titanic, too. Maybe it's a hormonal thing...!

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

Hi! Visiting from SITS.

I have never seen UP! I suppose I need to, huh? I've only heard raves about it. Also, never seen Million Dollar Baby, but I'm with you on the rest. :)

Daenel said...

Good list. Armageddon made me a little weepy too. I couldn't believe Bruce Willis died.

Amanda said...

Wow. I think that would be my list in the same order. No change that. I'd put UP first. I bawled like a baby during that one. My boys asked why I was crying. "He was her adventure." I had to repeat myself 3 times so they could understand me through the blubbering.

flmom said...

I have only watched The Notebook once because I cried so much! Rudy is one of my fave movies that always gets me at the end of the movie every time.

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