Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Book Review - Hand of Fate

When controversial talk radio host Jim Fate is murdered, the first instict in Portland is panic over the possibility that it is related to recent sarin gas attacks.  But before his death, Fate had reached out to Federal prosector Allison Pierce and FBI agent Nicole Hedges about threats he'd received.  Determined to find his killer, Allison, Nicole, and their friend, crime reporter Cassidy Shaw, dive into the investivation and find a lengthy list of people who wanted him dead.  Can they find the killer before he or she strikes even closer to home?

Fox News fans will recognize Lis Wiehl as a legal analyist for the station.  I read and reviewed her first novel in the Triple Threat Series, Face of Betrayal.  I liked her first book - I liked Hand of Fate even more.  As you get to know the characters in the series more, you find yourself drawn more and more into their lives.  I feel like Lis Wiehl really took her writing skills up a notch with this book.  The story really reached out and grabbed me.  Her books are a great read that have a Women's Murder Club kind of feel to them.  Don't expect an overtly Christian theme to her books, though - she weaves ideas throughout the story to make you think, but they don't have an "in your face" approach to Christianity, making a great way to introduce non-Christian readers to the world of Christian fiction.

* In exchange for reviewing this book, I received a free copy from Book Sneeze.


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