Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thankful Thursday - Growing in their faith

I love my kids...I think everyone who knows me or reads my blog knows that our boys are the center of our world.  As a mom, my #1 goal for my boys is that they will always put God first in all they do.  If they grow up as Christians and remain strong in their faith throughout their lives, my greatest desire for their lives will be fulilled.

I love seeing my kids grow in their faith.  They are both growing and learning, but it's most obvious with our oldest son, who is eight and beginning to get a really good grasp on things.  He was talking to my husband the other day and it really dawned on us just how much his faith is growing.

First a little September 2008, Hurricane Ike flooded most of our town, including our home.  We only got a few inches of water, but it was enough to force us to rip out floors and sheet rock and totally remodel our house.  We lost most of our our furniture, some of our shoes and clothes, and the kids lost about half of their toys.  At first, it was horrible - and I definately don't want to repeat the experience - but in the end, it ended up being a blessing in diguise.  We were able to completely remodel our home with the money from our insurance.  (Thank goodness we had flood insurance!)  We've talked often about what a blessing it ended up being.

Now back to that conversation between my husband and our son...Bobby told his daddy, "You know, you're always saying that God is good to us.  Now that I'm getting older, I'm really starting to understand how much He takes care of us.  He took care of after the storm, and He takes care of all the time."  It's so amazing and so awesome to see him growing in Christ!


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