Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Working Mom Wednesday!

Ok, y'all, I am being such a bad co-host!  I'm late linking up this week - it's only Wednesday and it's already insane!  So goes the life of a working mom...or least a crazy working mom like me who decides that work, church, and family don't keep me busy enough so I had to throw in college classes, too.  lol  My summer class starts Monday, in case you're wondering why I'm more scatterbrained than usual...I'm trying to get everything together before it starts.

Feel free to blog about any part of working a working mommy that you'd like to share, or you can answer one of today's questions...

#1. Talk about a moment of mommy guilt (and how you pulled through).

#2. Proudest moment ever (work or motherhood related).

Wow, working mommy guilt...I struggled with that a lot when I returned to work after many years of being a SAHM.  Even though our kids stay with my husband (he's a pastor, so the kids can go where he goes) when I'm at work and school, I felt guilty for months every time I left home for a day at work.  It was worse on the days that my kids begged me not to go or were crying when I left.

Then one day my boss told me something that totally changed my outlook on being a working mom.  She said, "You know, motherhood is 90% guilt."  She went on to explain that no matter what you do as a mom, whether you work or stay home, you're going to struggle with guilt.  It's an inevitable, natural part of motherhood. 

That was an "aha" moment for me.  I realized that each and every mom can only do one thing, and that is be the best mom you can be in the situation you're in.  That's it.  This is the life you have, the situation you have, so throw yourself into the best you be at what you're doing.  Sure, I still have days when I feel bad about being at work instead of at home, but they come much less often, and now it's much easier to brush it off and know that's it going to be okay.


Julia said...

those aha moments are intense. and yes, every mom, no matter where they are in their life, go thru phases of guilt. but, move on, we must!!

great post girl

Kristen T. said...

Thank you for the "aha" moment. So true!

Emily said...

Beautifully put!

Kristie said...

So true! I just found your blog. I am a working mom and have the guilt that comes with it. Nothing like a milestone happening when your not home.

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