Monday, November 29, 2010

It all comes down to this...

Today's the future depends on the contents of this folder.  It represents a year of hard work, stress and tears, not to mention thousands of dollars invested.  It holds the key to a new career, a new world that could open up for me, if I get in.  Its my application to dental hygiene school.

I am absolutely terrified as I prepare to turn my application in.  I really, really want this.  But I also know there are 150 other people wanting one of the 32 spots available in the program.  I'm also well aware of what getting in means...a two year commitment to a very stressful program, investing thousands of dollars, and heaping more on my plate than I can really handle - but having to juggle it anyway.

The changes this will bring to me and family are huge.  I also know what the payout will mean when I finish...a great job with very little stress, a salary triple what I now earn, four day work weeks, and getting home to my family at an earlier hour every night.

So today as I hand in my application, my stomach is in knots.  It will be months before I find out whether or not I get in.  It all depends on the contents of this folder...the application that could change my life forever.


Anonymous said...

GOOD LUCK!! I can't wait to hear what happens next... sending some positive thoughts your way!

Jennifer said...

Good Luck!

Sandra said...

I have been scrolling through your past posts to see what job you are applying for, but couldn't seem to find it.
Anyway, whatever it is, good luck. Life is nothing without goals and striving towards achievements. Good for you for striving!

Amanda said...

Thanks, everyone! Lol, Sandra, I didn't realize I never named the program in my post...I was so terrified about applying! It's for dental hygiene school.

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