Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Love, Your Co-Workers - Working Mom Wednesday

#1. Eat out or brown bag with co-workers? Lunch room or desk? What your typical work lunch like?

#2. What would they say... write a post from the perspective of your boss or co-worker? (What would they say about you?)

Dear Amanda,

I am so glad that I work with you.  You're crazy and sometimes scatter-brained, but that's great, because we both think alike.  I love having a co-worker I can laugh and be silly with, especially on a stressful day.  I love the way we can work together and end up laughing until we're crying.

Honestly, I don't know how you do it all.  I know you're juggling a lot, and I appreciate the fact that when you're at work, you're focused on work.  Sometimes, though, you need to keep it together a little more.  When your mind is racing in several different directions all at once...well, sometimes that doesn't work too well.  Sometimes you walk into a room and forget what you went in for...and you're too young for senior moments!  But you're driven, energetic, and passionate about what you do.

I'm glad that all of us are so close...we're more like a group of close friends than co-workers, and I'm glad we can work in that kind of environment.

Love, your co-workers


Susan DiMickele said...

What a great place to work! Happy WMW & thanks for hosting!

Julia said...

awesome post!! sounds like you got some awesome people you work with1!

Beana said...

Love it!

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