Wednesday, April 6, 2011

When Family Comes Together

I've been pretty absent from my blog and Twitter this week.  Sunday night, my husband's 88 year old grandfather passed away.  It wasn't unexpected...but you're never really prepared for the death of someone you love.  We left Monday and made the 13 hour drive to Missouri for the services.  The funeral, including full military honors at the graveside service, is later this morning.

Robby's grandfather was a wonderful man.  He and Robby's grandmother had been married for over 70 years.  His relationship with Christ came first in his life, and he was so proud that all six of his grandchildren, and both of his adult great-children, are in the ministry in some way.  He loved his two children, six grandchildren, 18 great-children, and his first great-great-grandchild.  Family was top priority to him. He will be greatly missed.  Please keep our family in your prayers.  I know today will be hard, and tomorrow we all face the long trips back home. 

Next week, all should be back to normal for my family.  Or, I should say, we'll start settling into a new normal as I pull my paperwork together and prepare to start dental hygiene school in July.  There's a lot to think about in the days and weeks ahead.   Prayers are appreciated!


Liz said...

So sorry for your family's loss. It sounds like he was a terrific spirit-led man, and he is more alive than ever now! Woo!

Amanda T. said...

Our prayers are on their way. Praying y'all have a safe trip tomorrow as well. Sorry for the loss of your loved one.

d, the undomsestic housewife said...

Aww.. So sorry for your loss. My grandfather passed away five months ago.. and it's hard. Thinking of you all.

Rachel said...

Praying for comfort & peace for everyone involved.

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