Monday, May 23, 2011

A Coupon Queen in the Making?

A few weeks ago, when I was talking about my goals for the early part of summer, I mentioned that I wanted to start couponing.  I've been at it for a few weeks now, and although I'm certainly not an expert, I've learned a lot.  It's getting addicting fast!  Every experienced couponer I talked to told me it would take a few weeks for the savings to start kicking in, and this week I really started to notice a difference.

I found the local paper with the best coupons, and I buy two papers a week.  I also have 7 or 8 friends and coworkers who are saving their coupons for me.  I'm checking out coupon sites weekly.  I'm making detailed shopping lists and carrying around envelopes with dozens of paper-clipped coupons.  My kids are even checking food packages for coupons before they throw them away.  It's becoming a way of life for our whole family.

My stockpile is growing.  I only plan to have a 3-6 month stockpile, not the 3 year ones that you see on Extreme Couponing.  So far I've stockpiled basics that I didn't pay a dime for after coupons, such as laundry detergent, pasta, floss, and toothpaste.  I've also got a huge stash of cereal that I got really cheap.  I'm learning what rock bottom prices are and when to buy stuff.

I'm so glad I decided to start this!  It's work, and it's overwhelming at first, but when you see your total at Kroger drop from $80 to $25 on one trip, it's worth it.  When you see your weekly budget stretching further and further, it's worth the extra effort.


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