Monday, February 7, 2011

How to Know You're a Bad Housekeeper

I will be the first to admit, housekeeping is not my strong point.  Although I'm trying really hard (and doing much better, thanks to FlyLady) to develop and stick to a system, it's something I've always struggled with.  Through the years, I've learned to notice a few signs that back me up on this...
  1. When you pick up the Pledge can and a dust rag, your husband grabs the camera and starts snapping pictures, saying, "I have to get proof of this!"
  2. You open a bottle of all-purpose cleaner and the kids start asking, "What's that smell?  What is that?  Are you cooking something?"
  3. The dog walks into the room, sees you holding a Swiffer duster, and starts barking madly.
  4. When the kids are putting their dirty clothes away, they have to ask, "Is this the clean clothes hamper or the dirty clothes hamper?"
  5. You require a week's notice before any company arrives or any major event takes place at your home - it will take every bit of that to get the house clean enough for them.
Anyone else have this problem?  I'm learning and hoping that soon, this trend will change.  Have a great week!


Erika . . . with a K said...

So funny, my daughter always asks me if the clothes in the hamper are clean or dirty. Sometimes they sit there clean for a week before I find time to put them away!!

Losing Brownies said...

That sounds about right! Gadget Guy always teases me about it, but our big cleans come at party times.

Jennifer said...'s hard to keep up on everything!

Rachel said...

That's funny! my dogs bark at the vacuum even though I try to get it done every week. And laundry is the worst...I hate it! I'm always wondering when the maid fairies are going to come and do it! hehe!

Amy @ Gospel Homemaking said...

I can totally relate! When my youngest son was beginning speech therapy at age three, he was shown pics of various household objects to test his pronunciation. When she showed him a picture of a vacuum he just shook his head, even though it looked exactly like ours. I could have melted right into the floor, but my husband got a kick out of the whole event!

Since then, I've gotten a lot better! To help me out (and hopefully others, too), I've started a new feature on my blog. Clark Kent had the Daily Planet. I have "The Daily Plan-It". It has my To Do Lists and what I'm hoping to accomplish each day. I may never be "Supermom", but at least it's helping me serve my family a little more efficiently.

Jen said...

Yes yes and yes! I am so tired from working some weeks that instead of cleaning on my day off, I do nothing.

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