Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A little redecorating...

Welcome to Working Mom Wednesday!  One of today's prompts is about sharing your life in pictures.  I've been snapping lots of random pictures lately, because we've been doing some decorating in our house.  Our house flooded in the storm surge of Hurrican Ike in 2008, and we had to pretty much start from scratch.  Remodeling took months, and redecorating has been an ongoing process that we're finally wrapping up.

Our big project has been finishing out the kitchen and dining area, and we've done some work in the living room too.  Here's what we've been doing...

The perfect red chair for the living room!  We searched for that chair for months.

The sign we found at Hobby Lobby - it's perfect for our bistro/coffee house look.

One wall of our dining area - Hobby Lobby was sold out of "love," so I have to go back for it and we'll put it at the bottom.  (We got really silly putting this up, saying our hopes are too high, we're living too low...everything is funny when you're stuck at home because of winter weather!)

The other wall of our dining room, and our table...both the picture and the flowers are more great Hobby Lobby finds.

As awful as the flood was, we have really enjoyed getting to remodel our house.  This is the first time in our married lives that we've gotten to redo everything and make it totally our own. 

Now, I can't resist posting the pic of us bringing that picture above home...we found it on sale for half-price at Hobby Lobby, and we thought it would fit in the didn't.  So my kids had to ride back home - a 30 minute drive - with the picture in the back seat.  Let's just say they weren't happy campers...


Rachel M. said...

That last picture made me snort with laughter! Great ending!!!

kt moxie said...

While your redecorating pictures are FABULOUS, I have to agree that the last picture is the BEST. :)

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