Thursday, October 28, 2010

Clean Like a Hotel?

An article in a women's magazine caught my eye was titled "Clean Like a Hotel." Sounds great...I'm always reading cleaning articles, even though I try all the ideas and they never work at my house. It's still not as neat as I'd like, but I keep hoping that one day I'll stumble across that magic formula that makes my house look like the ones in magazines. After 10 years of looking, I'm really starting to lose hope in that dream...

But it sounded promising, so I read the article. Sounds easy - make the beds every day, pick up the diry clothes, tidy up. I thought about how nice and neat hotels always look. They look so fresh and clean, with everything you need right there in it's place, waiting for you.  I started to get so hopeful...maybe my house could look like sounds so simple.

But then, reality set in.  Here's why the "clean like a hotel" model won't work at my house...
  • Hotels don't have Hot Wheels, assorted Star Wars characters, Legos, superheroes, and an entire robot army to remove from a room before they clean it.
  • Hotels aren't permanently inhabited by two growing bottomless pits who eat from sunup to sundown.
  • Hotels don't have homeschool in session in the dining room 5 days a week.
  • Hotels don't have a kitchen inhabited by someone who loves to cook but is a very messy cook.
  • Hotels also have people whose one and only full time job is to clean them, and they are not balancing cleaning with another job, college classes, and teaching children's church.

Okay, so my house will never look like a hotel...but I'm still holding out hope for the magic formula...or at least the magic house cleaning fairy!



Rachel M. said...

Well I make my bed every morning - that's as far as I get! Oh and I strive to put one load of laundry in per morning!!

Rachel said...

Your last point was my first thought: of course hotels are clean and tidy! They have multiple employees who do nothing but clean all day, every day! My house is clean (enough). :)

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