Saturday, February 20, 2010

Life is like a trampoline...

…up and down, no in-betweens…I love that song by Addison Road. That's how thing have felt for me lately! It's mostly up, but there are some downs, like this past week. It wasn't any one event, it's just a pile up of tests, research projects, work projects, and church projects, and I'm the one in charge of it all, and it all needs to be done ASAP.

I really hit a low Wednesday - that's when my seven year old (who was having a VERY bad attitude day) gave me an earful about how I don't really love my family or I wouldn't be going back to college. I was stressed out and hormonal, and I took it much more personally that I should have. Later that day I earned the "mean mommy" award, too. (He told me later he was sorry for what he said about school, and now seems to be his normal, sweet self, so I'm chalking it up to him having a bad day. We're all entitled to one now and then.)

On the up side, I got an A on my anatomy and physiology lab test, and my research project for my lecture class is almost wrapped up. My four year old starts tee ball practice next week, which he's very excited about. I'm excited about watching him practice and play his first game next month! My oldest is excited about joining the Junior Bible Quiz team at our church - I've never seen him study so hard! So despite some downs, life, in all it's craziness, really is good, and God is faithful to get me through the insanity.


Trench Mommy said...

Yes, life is very much like a trampoline! Hmm...I have heard that jumping on the trampoline is one of thee best exercises...does that mean life is healthy?! ;-)

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