Sunday, February 7, 2010

My new normal - how it's all going

Wow - it's hard to believe I've been in college for a month already! It's flown by. I was so terrified at the start of this while thing. I said back then that I was stepping out on very shaky legs of faith, but now I'm really glad I took those first trembling steps.

So, how's it all going? For the first two weeks, I was in survival mode, focusing only on studying, working, and keeping our house from dissolving into complete chaos, while all the while struggling to keep from falling flat on my face in exhaustion. I was dealing with the awkwardness of being an older student, surrounded by kids fresh out of high school who were giggling over their anatomy textbooks and calling me "ma'am" when I asked them a question.

By the third week, I was settling into my routine a little more and starting to work out again. The fourth week brought my first test, in anatomy and physiology - and much to my delight, I ended up with the highest grade of all my professors classes. I can't tell you how much that meant to me! It gave me such a huge confidence boost. When I found out what I made, in that moment, I really told myself for the first time, "I can do this. I really can do this, 10 years out of college, with a husband and two kids and a job and a ministry. It's real."

Now I have to brag - my family, and especially my husband, have been absolutely amazing through this huge transition. My oldest son has really stepped up to the plate, helping out more, without being asked! But my husband…I married Mr. Incredible! (Actually, we hear all the time that he looks just like him, so I really did!) Robby is my study buddy, my biggest fan and cheerleader, the one who always tells me, "You can do this." He's taken on more responsibility around the house and is always finding ways to take pressure off of me and give me more study time. He is the greatest man ever! I could never do this without him. I love you, Robby!


Kris Ann said...

Good for you! This is so exciting for me to hear - as I am contemplating jumping back into college at age 36 - eek! Glad that all is well - and that you're blessed with such a supportive family.

Mandi Miller said...

I am always scared to go back too! This is very encouraging! Good for you! I am sure you will continue doing GREAT!
*Found your blog on Mom Bloggers ~ Christian Moms Group*

I love your blog and will be following!

Tara said...

Love that you are able to get top of the class when most of those just outta highschool kids have no kids, husband, house to keep and some have parents paying there way so they dont even really have to work. Congrats.

BTW, i have tagged you for an award on my blog... hope you dont mind :)

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