Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Getting through the day...

It's Working Mom Wednesday!  Here are today's question...

What do you consider necessary to get through the day? (items, routines, coffee, etc.)

What do you do on your commute to work - listen to the radio, enjoy peace and quiet, etc.
I'm not a hard person to please - it really doesn't take much to make my happy.  You should have seen my reaction when my new boss told us she's putting a coffee maker in our breakroom...  I do have a few things that I consider absolutely necessary to get through one of my crazy days, though.
One thing I had let slide for a while, but is now (again) an absolute necessity for my day is my quiet time.  I get up at 5:45 on most days.  I grab breakfast and watch the news (or an episode of one of favorite TV shows - I record everything and watch is as I can on our DVR).  Then I settle in for my quiet time with my Bible and prayer journal.  Some days I have more time, and on those days I do a Kay Arthur Inductive study.  On days when I'm more pressed for time, I love the daily devotionals at Proverbs 31 Ministries.  Once that's done, I can get ready and get on with my day.
Coffee...I must have coffee!  lol  I'm seriously addicted.  I'm not so much a morning coffee person as I am an afternoon person.  As I said, I get up at 5:45, and half the time I'm not home until 8:00 p.m., so by 2 or 3, I need the pick me up of a good cup of coffee. 
Other than that my only real necessities are my phone and my Day Planner.  I love my new Droid X, and I'm already so dependant on it.  But as much as I love technology, I still have to have my pen-and-paper day planner.  I love being able to open up my calendar to look at all the details of a month at time...I haven't found anything digitial that take its place.  I rely on my Day Planner so much I've started referring to it as my brain, because if it's not in there, it's not getting done.


Julia said...

yes yes!! working on getting back in the routine of morning quiet time. props to you for purposefully getting up early. i read my Bible this morning and feel so much better!!!

i want a cool phone too... maybe when i hit the lottery!

oh, and think of some more topics for next week!!

Amanda said...

I'm so like you, there are days when I need a good cup of coffee in the afternoon. I don't use a dayplanner but my iPhone is my life, I put all of my 'stuff' in it & put alarms on certain events so I never forget the important stuff~

Amanda said...

Oh, yes, I do the alarms the alarms!

Susan DiMickele said...

I am totally with you! Coffee is key (as is QT). Great minds think alike!

Rachel M. said...

I wish I was organized enough to do a morning quiet time! Sounds like you really have it together!

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